Human Hair Lace Wig


There are two types of lace wigs – a front lace wig and a full lace wig.

A full lace wig, which is lined entirely with mesh lace on the inside, is breathable and can allow a person to part their hair and even tie in a ponytail or up-do style while still looking natural and undetectable. Traditional wigs do not allow such styling options. The full lace cap allows the wig to blend into the scalp, creating a natural and realistic hairline at the forehead, sides and nape.

A front lace wig has lace at the forehead section, behind the natural hairline. This type of wig cannot be pulled into a ponytail or up-do style as the lace is only at the front of the unit.

Lace wigs are made from 100% human hair or synthetic hair and some have “baby hair” at the front section to cover any sign of lace and to give a natural look.

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Lace Wig Ashley Lace Wig Ashley

Lace Wig Ashley

Lace wig with front extension. • Natural hairline with advanced knotting techniq..

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